Open Paint Information

What is Open Paint?

Open Paint is a time that you can come in and paint anything you want.  Open Paint is not a step by step session but artists are there to help you pick something out, get you set up and go over your selection with you.  They are there throughout the time to answer any questions or help you along the way.

What we offer at Open Paint

We have a variety of things you can do at open paint.  You can paint on Canvas, Wood Boards or Glasses.  We also offer Glass Etching and seasonally Terra Cotta pots.   We are always looking to add new and popular items to our open paint line.  We offer various sizes of both canvas and boards that you can choose from.  Check out our Painting Gallery and Wood Board gallery to see some options.  We also offer a variety of glasses to paint or etch on, as well as glass tiles to etch.

When is Open Paint?

We offer scheduled Open Paint and non scheduled Open Paint times.

Every Wednesday and every other Sunday is our Scheduled Open Paint.  However, if you want to come in on a non scheduled Open Paint time, just give us a call.  If we are not hosting a private party and we are here, you are welcome to come in.   Visit our calendar to sign up for our scheduled Open Paint times.  Many times we fill up so we ask that you pre register when possible.  


Open Paint Prices