About the Studio

What We Do

  • Creative  Art & Wine Studio is an Art Studio & Wine Bar located in New  Berlin.  We offer sessions of Acrylic painting on Canvas, Wood, Glasses  and more, to people of all ages and experience levels.  Our studio is perfect for friends looking to get away from the bar scene, couples in search of a night out without the kids, or anyone just looking for a fun way to explore some creativity.  No experience necessary.  We help you find that creative side you didn't know you had.  We also host private parties for just about any reason.  Birthdays, bachelorette parties, corporate events, social clubs and more.   We offer instructed, step by step paint sessions 4 nights a week.  Open Paint hours are every Wednesday and every other Sunday.  However, if you want to come in on a non scheduled Open Paint time, just give us a call.  If we are not hosting a private party and we are here, you are welcome to come in.


What Sets Us Apart

  •  At  Creative Art & Wine Studio, we pride ourselves on our variety of Art and Talent.  We don't contract with local artist to copy their work.   Our artists create their own paintings.  Each of our artists come to us with an art background, not just instructors that show you how to paint a copied piece of art.   We offer a clean, bright studio setting that is unlike any other.  We do our best to give each customer the room and table space they need.  Often we have an assistant on hand to do the work of getting you extra paint, clean water, napkins, or even a drink if you'd like, so you won't miss an important step.   Our studio aprons are cleaned and ready for each customer on a regular basis.  We care about your comfort.  Our artists are eager to help each individual needing any assistance.  Our variety of art is one of the largest around and we allow for color changes and slight style changes in any of our artwork.  After all, this is YOUR  painting and we want you to leave our studio loving it.  Come check us  out!  We're sure you'll come back again and again! 

Food & Beverages

  • We offer a variety of Wine, Beer, Mixed Drinks and Soft Drinks available to purchase separately.  We do not serve food, but you are free to bring in snacks for yourself or your table if you'd like.  Complimentary snacks & fresh popcorn is also available for you to enjoy while you are here.

Painting Classes/How does it work?

What should I expect? I've never done this before!

  • You will be attending a painting class that is led by one of our talented artists.  They will walk you through the painting step by step so that you can be comfortable with your painting every step of the way.  They are there to help you and make sure you are able to follow their guided instruction.  You will be amazed how fun and easy it is!  Yes, even someone who has never done this can walk away with a great piece of art.  Expect to finish in 1 1/2 - 3 hours (depending on the painting) and leave with your masterpiece the same day.  Kid sessions are generally shorter.  

What do you have to eat and drink at the Studio?

  • We have a great selection of Wines, Beers, Mixed Drinks and Soft Drinks available to purchase separately.  All beverages must be purchased at the studio, (in accordance with WI State Law).  No beverages can be brought into the studio.  

  • We do not serve food but always have a small variety of complimentary snacks and have free popcorn on most nights.  Feel free to bring snacks for yourself or group.

Are there age limits or restrictions?

  • It depends on the class, so please read the class description when signing up.  Our calendar is designed with the following guidelines in mind.  
  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings, we allow ages 10 & up.
  • Friday & Saturday evenings, we allow ages 12 & up.
  • Kids and family sessions are for ages 5 and up.  Parents are welcome to sign up to paint at any Kid friendly session.
  • Please check the class description for age limits set for the painting you would like to sign up for.  For the benefit of all our customers, we reserve the right to refuse customers younger than the required age from participating in a class.
  • Open Paint on Wednesday or Sundays are for ages 8 & up (unless noted as a kid friendly session), then age 5 & up.

Children under 10 may not be left unattended in the studio.


How Do I Sign Up?

  • Visit our calendar page at the link below and pick out a painting and day you would like to attend.  Click on the painting name, add it to your card and follow the on-screen instructions from there to register and pay for your class.  Please use the comment section on the registration page (just above the place where you check that you understand the terms) to let us know if you are attending with anyone so we can seat you together.

Click on the button below to sign up for a class

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  • Creative Art & Wine Studio adheres to a strict No Refund policy.  If you need to cancel for any reason, we require 24 hour notice.  We will credit the account you signed up under so you can attend another class at another time.  The credit does not expire and can be used at anytime towards any class or event.
  • Please note that you are purchasing a class.  If a person is unable to attend the class and does not cancel in advance of the class, neither you nor someone else may take home any of the materials ordinarily provided during class, including but not limited to the Canvas, paint, brushes, aprons, etc.

  • If using a coupon code, voucher, or special pricing and need to cancel, you will be allowed a one time change to a different class.  If you do not change to a different class at the time you cancel, you will be given a credit for what you paid, applied to the account you signed up under.  If you choose to do a class swap, you would need to call us to make that change.

No Show = No Refund = No Credit

  • If you or any of your guests do not show up for the class, the purchase will not be refunded and will not be credited to an account.  We require 24 hour notice for cancellations in order to credit someone's account.  A no-show does not count as a cancellation.  We do understand that emergencies happen and will work with you under individual circumstances as long as you call us prior to the class.